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Change tamariki's lives

PSC has recently established Te Rāngai Whakapuāwai, a generalist workforce of highly engaging Activators. The Activators are charged with designing and hosting more inclusive, development focussed activations for our member kura and their students. PSC are committed to reducing the barriers faced by our members when trying to provide quality physical activity opportunities for their tamariki. Our Activators will play a huge part in this.

As an independent organisation, PSC has no secure long term funding and relies on multiple contestable funding streams to achieve our vision. The Annual Appeal calls on our network of members and wider stakeholders to pledge their financial support.

Meaningful connections to physical activity for all


Mike will be running kms to activate kids this year

In 2024 Mike, our Sports Director, has entered the Krayzie Midwinter Backyard Ultra (BYU) on 29 June, and is appealling for your pledges.

A BYU event is a form of ultramarathon race where participants continuously run the lap course (distance of 6.706km) until they can go no further. Each lap needs to be completed in less than one hour. Once each lap is completed, the remaining time within the hour is used to recover and replenish before the next hour’s lap begins. 

The race finishes when one person completes one more lap than anyone else.

You can see the BYU event website here

You can watch an 18min BYU documentary here,


Every Pledge Counts!!

​​​​​​​100% of pledges goes to the Activator programme

Together we can activate our tamariki through the growth of Te Rāngai Whakapuāwai, PSC’s generalist workforce of highly engaging Activators.

Make your pledge here.

There are numerous ways you can pledge your support, an amount per km or lap completed (10 laps/67km is Mike’s target), a one-off lump sum, or regular donations. You can set minimum or maximum limits to your pledge also.

We are also selling spots on the tee shirts Mike runs in. There will be ten tee shirts produced, each with five spots on the front of the tee for sale. $100 per spot, or $500 for a complete tee front (A4 size). Multiple $100s result in multiple spots purchased.

A massive thank you to all those that have pledged their support in 2024.

Together we will be able to activate kids and better their lives.