Below you will find a brief description of the documents listed to the right.

​​​​​​​ALL Scorecards - there are multiple scorecards included in this document; a generic A6 size scorecard, basketball, badminton (3 player, doubles & singles, card), cricket, quikhit, squash and two table tennis scorecards.

Code of Conduct - this document details PSC's expectations for all participants (players, supporters, coaches, officials, administrators and so on) at their events. The accompanying visual is more user friendly and has been created so members can display it and use it with their tamariki.

Complaints/Conflict Resolution Policy - this is a comprehensive policy detailing how to resolve conflicts should they arise. PSC encourages all participants to resolve any issues that arise directly with other parties at the time they arise through respectful dialogue. This policy provides a framework should this not be appropriate or effective.

CPSSA Constitution​​​​​​​ - updated and adopted 2 November 2023.

Fines System Policy & Reasoning - this document details how the fines system works and why it is in place.

Inclusion Policy - it is PSC's intention to provide events and activations for all members and this document details the PSC position.

Life Membership Guide - as our most prestigious form of membership, this document details how the membership is awarded.

Membership Fees Structure - a one page breakdown of the current membership fees.

Online Directory - the physical directory has been uploaded in the four sections. These sections will be periodically updated as required.

Strategic Plan - These two links are to the current PSC Strategic document and an accompanying visual.

​​​​​​​Zone Sports Reimbursement ​​​​​​​ - this form is to be used by Zone Secretaries to be reimbursed for a portion of the costs involved in hosting the zone swimming or athletics events.