PSC Story

In 1900 a group of principals and teachers came together to ensure their students had access to sporting opportunities within their school days. This group was set up and continued for many years, and in various iterations, with the good of the young people at its core.

For most of the century this set up was effective. It wasn’t until mid 1990s that the group decided to source the required funding to establish the Sports Director role. The motivation for which came from the increasing workload to ensure these opportunities were numerous and suitably organised.

Since the establishment of the Sport Director role the PSC calendar has grown and developed immensely. There are now more than 25 individual events that connect with and offer more than 30 different sporting codes.

The PSC membership now consists of more than 230 kura from across the Canterbury and West Coast regions. Primary aged students at these member schools have access to the range of PSC events and offerings, which are continuing to develop in their style and variety.

A continued focus for PSC is the development of the offerings to ensure all members have access to meaningful physical activity opportunities. While the traditional, structured sporting tournaments will continue to be part of the calendar, the inclusion of participation and skill development activations is an area of growth.

From a financial point of view, PSC is currently developing sponsorship and partnership options. These will provide private businesses and individuals with opportunities to support the growth and development of PSC’s physical activity opportunities and in turn the growth of the individuals within the PSC membership through participation in these. All information will be available online or by request.

PSC is very proudly engaged in shaping the tamariki within its membership through participation in meaningful physical activity opportunities. It has a rich history of delivering these opportunities and is a firm believer that continuing to do so will result in tamariki better equipped for their futures contributing to all communities in which they connect.

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